In 2002, Hannah’s student fiction and poetry was published by American author Ishmael Reed in Konch Magazine and in a print anthology titled Out Of CardiffTM.

The anthology featured three of her short stories and six of her poems and was sold in the Bay Area, California. 

Ishmael wrote a foreword to the book in which he said: 

"I am pleased to have my imprimatur connected to this volume. I am sure that these writers, if they desire to enter the writing profession, will do very well. But if they never write another story or poem, these will stand up next to the best being written during these times."

The stories and poems are posted below, along with a few others written just after. They are very raw and written before any formal education in creative writing. You'll also see some Americanisation of spelling and awkward typesetting, apologies for that. 

Early Poetry

Early Short Fiction