" Visuals of last night's performance still in my mind, every step through the woods was with anticipation... Halloween genius." — Audience Tweet


Step this way, into the dark woods at Halloween as you follow paths that lead deeper into your imagination...

The Hallowed is a Halloween production by award-winning Rogue Theatre (creators of Winter Wood, Wild Woodland Summer Ball, King Arthur the Wild Hunt and Dancer and The Devil in the Woods). It is a first time woodland horror about witches, a ghost ride with no train.

Set in the epic landscape of Tehidy Woods, a wild wood rich in history and tales of unsettled spirits, this thrilling adventure is for the bold of mind and the brave of heart.

The show includes incredible visual landscapes, multidisciplinary performance among the trees, darkness, danger, fire and, of course, the unexpected.

I co-wrote The Hallowed with Rogue co-founder and company director, Ollie Oakenshield, and worked on narrative design with co-founder and artistic director, Angelina Boscarelli. It was inspired by the horrors of the witch trials. 

The 10-show run was also my first adventure in acting and singing, with minor roles as a groupie on the 'Blythe Bros Otherworld Tour', helping guide the audience through the spooky woodland; and as a flame-bearing crusader alongside witch hunter general The Hawk.

This was when I got to run away with the circus!