A Shoebox Of Snow is a BBC Radio 4 afternoon play about an elderly couple who save hoards of trinkets, knick-knacks, doodads, thingamajigs and whatnots in shoeboxes in their home. When they’re threatened with eviction by the council they can only take a shoebox with them and a touching story unfolds about the meanings we attach to treasured objects and why we save them.

The play was written by Julie Mayhew, produced by Justine Potter for Red Productions / Savvy Productions, for BBC Radio 4. It was nominated for 'Best Audio Drama' at the BBC Audio Drama Awards.

I was a writer/producer working with Savvy Productions and tasked with developing a multiplatform strategy for the play that would extend its life beyond single broadcast and generate conversation and participation.

A Shoebox Of Snow Blog was set up to collect stories from listeners about the things that they hoard.  The blog used the social sound platform Audioboo as a tool so people could share their stories with one click.

The Independent On Sunday did a feature to the project, The Stage were also interested in the interactive possibilities of the drama, and Broadcast also covered it.

Whilst working on the play's multiplatform strategy, we also used the theme to inspire mini-plays. Here's mine, a dark twist on an anniversary card: The Anniversary Card.