Hannah’s career started in journalism working for the local and national press in print and online. 

She was Deputy News Editor at Daily Mirror online and Section Editor covering finance, investigations, health, travel and advice. Her role involved covering major breaking news stories, like the 2008 financial crash, MPs expenses scandal and US election; producing, editing and commissioning written, picture and video content for the website; editing the homepage; representing the web team in conference with the newspaper; converging print and online content; managing blogs from Mirror columnists like Dear Miriam and Penman and Sommerlad Investigate; developing the Sunday Mirror’s travel content alongside the Sunday Mirror Editor; helping implement the 2008 site redesign; building parts of the content management system; ensuring content was found through social media and SEO. She was trained in video journalism, blogging, social media and search engine optimisation. 

Prior to that Hannah was a Senior News Reporter for city daily newspaper the Plymouth Herald, where she covered crime, politics, culture, business, health, education, defence, sport and travel. She also shifted on the newsdesk, edited a community creative writing page and spent a six-month sabbatical as a blogger in Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil, she wrote a personal diary of her experiences, from learning the language, to baile funks, to bikinis; and of larger socio-cultural issues including race, crime and religion. Hannah has an NCE Senior Journalist Qualification and an NCTJ Journalism Diploma covering Media Law, Public Affairs, Court Reporting, News Reporting, Journalistic Practice and Shorthand. She continues to work as a freelance journalist, although her focus in the past few years has been on creative writing and interactive narrative. 

In 2006, Hannah won ‘Newcomer of the Year’ in the South West Media Awards and was highly commended as a finalist in the UK Press Gazette Awards 2006 for a different set of stories. 

Below is an archive of some cuttings divided into Daily Mirror, Rio diary blog: 'Dancing on the Sand', and The Herald.


Selected stories from the Daily Mirror:

Breaking News

Markets in meltdown after worst financial crash since Wall Street / Video: Fire destroys historic pier /  Top council officials lose jobs over Baby P tragedy / Black box recording released in Hudson River plane landing / England’s first three cases of swine flu / Fishermen survived 25 days in an icebox in shark-invested waters London sniper named as barrister / Prime Minster’s wife Sarah Brown posts message of support to cancer sufferer in mirror.co.uk forumApocalyptic vision of London launched at Tate Modern


Terror attack in Mumbai / Russia invades Georgia bringing the countries ‘close to war’ / Israeli air strikes on Gaza30 injured as Qantas plane drops out of sky  


MP expenses scandal: Justice Minister steps downTories gain in local elections 

Obama ‘08: Video: Barack Obama launches bid to become first black president of AmericaLive blog in the build up to the inauguration day oath (this was before Mirror had live blogging software) / Presidential Firsts  / Inspirational words from past presidents


Missing schoolgirl Shannon Matthews found aliveSchoolgirl Shannon Matthews drugged and noosed in fake kidnap plotNewlyweds murdered on honeymoon in AntiguaPictures: Inside the London flat where two students were murderedMan found guilty of murdering his police officer wifeTimeline of the canoe fraud


Michael Jackson Dies Top 10 need-to-know facts about Oscar nominee Angelina Jolie


NASA spacecraft lands on MarsTimeline of internet milestones on 20th anniversary of world wide webScientists discover largest animal eye9/11 rescue dog clonedScientists discover world’s largest insect Incredible new pictures of Atlantis and Hubble passing the sun 


Climb mountains and surf breakers in northern SpainTop 10 healthy holiday spots


Review: Blur reunite at Glastonbury


Diver Tom Daley finishes seventh in Beijing final


OFT wins High Court test case over bank charges / Mirror money expert launches blog after successful live web chats


Video: Hannah learns daring circus skillsTop 10 miracle escapes from death The best have-a-go-hero fight backsTop 10 momentous feats achieved in five minutesDumping your lover in the 21st centuryDaily Mirror film competition won by young Hep C sufferer (I ran this campaign to find a new filmmaker and was on the judging panel) Cute koala cools off in Australian heatwave


In 2007, Hannah was on a six-month sabbatical in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as a Rotary International Cultural Ambassadorial Scholar. She was 26, living with a Brazilian family, attending school each morning to learn Portuguese, working with Rotary charities and writing about adapting to life in a new country.

The Herald published her weekly blog 'Dancing On The Sand' which attracted more than 20,000 page views globally. There were lots of fans, including Brazilians who came across it on Google and commented regularly; but some favourite reactions came from detractors who accused Hannah of being a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe and writing too much about sex and parties. Here's a couple of the best comments from readers who came to her defence:

"Are there really people out there in the shadows, watching to see if you're having a good time and then waiting to shoot your writing down as a result of it? Unbelievable. Stop your laughter, Hannah. Stop your dancing. And for god's sake, stop writing about life as if you enjoy it…"

"Wow! It never ceases to amaze me the jealous poison some people seem to enjoy inflicting on women who manage to be both sexy and intelligent. So serious journalism should start with self-flagellation? And what Hannah is using is called an extended metaphor! Granted it's not to everyone's taste but nevertheless it's a simple poetic device used by novelists and poets. And hey, Carrie Bradshaw got her own book deal! So watch out, Hannah Wood; Sex in the Favela ;-) ....now that'll be both an educational and, oh sin of sins...crackin' read."

There was actually a balance of light and serious entries, covering everything from baile funks and bikinis, to racism and crime. The below flip-book collates some posts from the blog.


The gallery below features stories from Hannah’s time on the Plymouth Herald. You may have to zoom the screen to read them.