Story Juice was a script, narrative design and performance consultant for The Infinite Guide, a speculative art work and research project conceived by Birgitte Aga and powered by a conversational Artificial Intelligence. It took place simultaneously online, and at FACT in Liverpool, and KARST Gallery in Plymouth, from the 1st-9th September 2018.

The work is grounded in the proposition that as the complexity and power of intelligent systems expand beyond human comprehension, faith is necessarily reintroduced. This positions the computational system as an ideological and mythic incarnation of a spiritual guide, asking if a technological future forged in the naïve, biased and diversity-challenged furnace of silicon valley will flavour our conversations and thoughts if left unchallenged. Birgitte’s research is part of an ongoing enquiry which explores the emergent social relationship between humans and artificial intelligence systems.

Pics: Rod Gonzales and Hannah Wood

Project Credits:
Conceived by B Aga and developed  with Coral Manton, Mike Phillips and Chris Melidis from the i-DAT Collective.

Intercity [Visual Art Work, Branding & Artistic Development]
Story Juice [Narrative Design, Script Writing & Performance Consultant]
Crumb [Web Development & Infrastructure Service Provision]

KARST & FACT [Gallery, Engagement & Audience Development]

This project is funded by the Arts Council England and University of Plymouth