Short Changed dress rehearsal pictures by Fiona Walsh

Working with Hannah as a Theatre Maker and Performer is an absolute pleasure. Her generosity and energy in a rehearsal process is infectious and her knowledge of what makes stories work is a superb addition to any ensemble.
— Director Christopher Elmer-Gorry

Short Changed is an interactive play set in a future game show. It was performed in The Drum at Theatre Royal Plymouth, June 30 – July 2, 2016. I played a lead character and was involved throughout the collaborative devising process. The show was written and directed by Christopher Elmer-Gorry in collaboration with The People’s Company at Theatre Royal Plymouth.  

The Show:

Pete doesn’t tell anyone he went to private school.

Tess is a full time carer for her disabled mother.

Warren is applying for volunteering opportunities to build up his CV.

Damien is just trying to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Laura just needs a job.

2036. Welcome to Short Changed. The most successful Saturday night prime time TV show ever broadcast.

This week’s show brings us to the Ocean City of Plymouth. As always there will be plenty of cases for consideration and we need YOU, the studio audience, to help decide.

Join your hosts for a glitzy night full of drama, decisions and disappointment. Expect high gloss… if a little tarnished.

The People’s Company present a bold new production which provokes us to ask the questions that we dare not ask. Inspired by real stories, prepare to examine the cost of privilege, whether we get a choice in our future and how much control we really have over our own destiny.

The Experience:

Short Changed was a means to develop skills in performance, improvisation and devising new work for theatre. It offered new approaches to writing and character creation and a chance to respond to the writer/director’s vision and collaborate with a wide range of practitioners as an actor. It also offered lessons in how to act and improvise with a live interactive audience. 

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