The characters are engaging, the story is absorbing and the whole experience of playing through Underland is gripping, exciting and compelling.
— PhD Examiner

Underland is a crime drama video game script and prototype created as part of a doctorate in Creative Practice. It is a combination of story exploration game and digital epistolary fiction and the result of research into Playable Stories.

It is accompanied by an academic thesis on writing and design methods for combining narrative and player agency in digital, performance and hybrids of the two. The academic thesis includes interviews with contemporary writers and practitioners of interactive storytelling and looks closely at video games, street games, alternate reality games, interactive theatre, immersive theatre and digital narrative. 

My practice-led approach has a particular focus on types of immersion, player roles and perspectives, creative writing and narratology in interactive and digital mediums.

I was awarded a doctoral bursary by the University of Exeter for 2010-16. The University of Exeter is a Russell Group university and I was based in the English department, which is rated first in the UK for 'world-leading research'. I have Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) training and taught on the undergraduate modules in English and Creative Writing. I also worked as a Research Assistant alongside academic staff in the English department.