Story Juice Founder, Hannah Wood.

Story Juice Founder, Hannah Wood.

Story Juice is a globally connected studio founded by writer, experience designer, director, performer and interactive artist Dr Hannah Wood. 

Its multiplatform practice ranges from performance to gaming, narrative design to interactive and immersive experiences, print to digital, fiction to journalism, audio to film, mobile to social, education and heritage to entertainment, AR and MR to VR, and includes integrating platforms in storyworlds. 

Story Juice has a collaborative approach and partners with artists, businesses and organisations to devise, develop and deliver imaginative experiences. 

It specialises in projects that involve audience and social engagement through narrative, interactive and immersive forms, and believes in research and experimentation to stay creative and relevant. 


What Story Juice does


creative ideas and concepts


story, plot, character, narrative structure and storyworld creation and development 


narrative design, performance and direction, interactive art and entertainment


game writing, game design, fiction, scriptwriting, playwriting, immersive and interactive storytelling, storybibles, multiplatform writing, journalism


audience and social engagement, marketing and social media strategy, support and advice


research, playtesting and analytics


talks, lectures, consultancy, training and teaching


global network of industry collaborators


Hannah’s background

“Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its roots into the very depth of your heart; confess to yourself you would have to die if you were forbidden to write.” ― Rilke

Practitioner in writing, narrative design, video and live games, interactive and immersive storytelling and art, theatre, mobile apps, locative experiences, audio and film. 

Creative Practice Doctorate in Playable Stories: Writing and Design Methods for Negotiating Narrative and Player Agency in Physical, Digital and Physical-Digital Hybrid Forms, from University of Exeter. Part-time Lecturer at Falmouth University in the School of Writing and Games Academy.

My expertise is in the fields of writing, narrative form, gaming, performance, interactive art, immersive theatre and digital publishing and technologies. I currently split my time between Story Juice and academia, with my research continually informing Story Juice’s work.

My own practice often explores the concepts and tensions around authorial design, audience agency and improvisation, encoded and emergent narratives and experiences in live, digital and live-digital hybrid immersive work.  

My previous career was in journalism as an award-winning journalist, with experience as a reporter, blogger, web producer and online editor on local and national newspapers and websites in the UK and Brazil. I'm experienced managing written, video, audio, picture and social media content.